Ny-Ålesund: Gateway to the Arctic Research 

        Situated in the Arctic ocean, half way between Norway and North pole, this land of frozen mountains, glaciers and fjords, is one of the northernmost inhabited places on earth. Svalbard,  today is facing the brunt of climate change and is currently among the fastest warming regions on Earth…


Thawing Permafrost : A Major Climate Threat

       One of the greatest threat that Arctic Region is facing, is threat due to thawing Permafrosts. More than half of the land in the Northern Hemisphere freezes and thaws seasonally and with the increasing temperatures in the Arctic, Scientists are now noticing an acceleration in the rate of thawing of these Permafrost landforms…


Himalaya: The Water Tower Of Asia

      Himalaya, the majestic land of tall mountains and glaciers, is currently one of the worlds most sensitive hotspot to the global climate change. Known as the “Third Pole”, the Himalayan mountain range along with the Tibetan plateau is part of the Cryospheric system and contains one of the world’s largest glacial reserves, outside the polar region